Fluff Piece

fluff piece 800x800 Fluff Piece

Yes, this is totally a fluff piece. But fluff pieces can be fun. Sometimes, all the serious writing about inflation, market efficiencies, hell even net worth, can become a little much. I love posts where you learn more about bloggers and their personal quirks (examples here, here, and here). So today, I am about to reveal the best 15 photos I have ever taken. I take myself to be a bit of a talented photographer. There, did you learn something new about me? Cool, let’s go!

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Building Rather than Spending Wealth

photo 1 1024x1024 Building Rather than Spending Wealth

So remember last weeks post where I begged advised entertained you to not buy the iPhone 6? And remember how I told you that you could invest that money instead and let it compound for 50 years and end up with over $170,000? Time to separate the sharks from the sheep: who is a sheep? Common, admit it and raise your hand if you bought an iPhone 6. Ok, now, who here is a shark? Alright. Good. I’m a shark. And let me show you what I bought instead of an iPhone 6.

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The Money Book Giveaway 2

the money book giveaway 2 1024x1024 The Money Book Giveaway 2

Welcome to the second edition of The Money Book Giveaway. Every month, I am giving away a finance book every month for a year from my list of 20 Must Read Money Books. Last month’s giveaway was The Little Book of Common Sense Investing and the winner of the inaugural giveaway was Alicia over at Financial Diffraction! There was a slight error in postage, which was embarrassing, but the book should finally reach[ed] Alicia this Friday Thursday. And now, onto this month’s FREE book!

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The Weekly International 3

Kapitalust First International The Weekly International 3

So many good reads creep up in just a single week that I should be doing this exclusively 7 days a week. This week’s focus is solely on investing and net worth. A note: I’ll be moving the weekly roundup to a bi-weekly schedule. This way, I can be more focused on curating the best articles from around the web and open up more non-roundup posts per week. Alright, let’s get moving. There’s a bit of ground to cover.

If you didn’t check out last week’s edition, there was a lot of good material, so make sure to check it out!

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