A Mutual Fund is a Terrible Decision

The Problem with Mutual Fund

Long ago, I wrote about why the typical mutual fund is hazardous to your financial health. I tallied up management expense ratios and created hypothetical investments and the costs of these expenses and fees. The graphs showed very vividly the dangers associated with paying the typical fees and expenses associated with most mutual funds. In case that post didn’t make it clear enough on why you should avoid being ignorant about your investments, I’ve searched far and wide, high and low, to find the last thing you will ever need to read on about the problem with mutual funds and investment fees. Are you ready?

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A Story of Shame and Resentment

Kapitalust Money Debt Habits Border

Yesterday was like any other day at work: droning away amidst tedious tasks. Often times, I let my mind float and wander while I conduct mindless work. It’s relaxing and takes my mind off the fact I am utterly bored out of my mind. But yesterday, while my mind was floating down a road of emptiness, a sudden revelation appeared and crashed into me with the force of a semi-truck. It’s my story of shame and resentment.

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