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Master's Program for the First-level Discipline of Physical Education
Source:        Time:2018-08-29

1、Subject, Name and Code

Category: Education

First-level subject: Physical Education

Code: 0403

Second-level subject:

Sports Humanities and Sociology

Code: 040301

Athletic Science

Code: 040302

Physical Education Training

Code: 040303

National Traditional Sports

Code: 040304

2、Training Objectives

This discipline trains high-quality professionals with certain innovative abilities who can adapt to the development of modern society and can engage in physical education, sports training, fitness guidance, scientific research and management services in sports, health and related fields.

The specific requirements are:

(1). Study hard and master Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of the "Three Represents", practice the scientific development concept, uphold the party's basic line, love the motherland, obey the law, and behave well.

(2). Study hard and study rigorously. Master the solid basic theory, systematic professional knowledge and special basic skills required by this subject, with a broad knowledge, correct academic orientation and scientific research methods.

(3). More proficient in a foreign language, proficient in reading the foreign language materials of this subject and the ability to use foreign language for communication; able to use computer-related software to carry out subject teaching and research.

(4). Proficiency in the teaching and training theory and method of a special sport, with a high level of sports technology.

(5), Physical and mental health, with a healthy body and a strong psychological quality.

3、Research Direction

(1). Sports Humanities and Sociology(040301)

(2)2. Athletic Science(040302)

(3). Physical Education Training(040303)

(5). National Traditional Sports(040304)

4、 Length of Study

(1). The length of study in this subject is generally 3 years.

(2). The master's degree program completes all the courses stipulated in the training program in advance.

(3). Apply for the graduate student who graduated in advance. In October of each year, fill out theApplication Form for Early Graduation of Hubei University Doctor (Master), and submit it to the graduate school for approval with the supervisor and the responsible person in charge of the department.

(4). For postgraduate students who apply for graduation in advance, if they fail to graduate according to the time of application after the approval of the graduation application, they will be processed according to the completion of the application.

(5).Master students generally do not extend the length of study; if it is necessary to extend the length of study, in October each year, the application of the master student himself, fill out theApplication Form of Delay Graduation of Hubei University Doctor (Master) ,the tutor and department head The person in charge of the graduate student agrees to report to the graduate school for approval.

(6). The postgraduate application for extension of the study period cannot exceed the maximum length of study prescribed by the school; the postgraduate students do not enjoy the ordinary scholarship and excellent scholarship during the extension of the study period.

5、Curriculum and Credits

The total credits for academic master's degree programs must not be less than 30 credits (including 2 credits for practice), and the total credits for the course must not be less than 28 credits. The specific credit requirements are 7 credits for the public degree course; 8 credits for the first-level subject, and no less than 4 credits for the second-level subject; 9 credits for the elective course and 2 credits for the practice. Master students can take certain necessary courses under the guidance of their instructors according to their own specialties and research requirements.

6、 Practice

Practice links include professional practice, academic activities, and other social practices. Those who pass the practice will record 2 credits.

(1). Professional practice is generally arranged in the fourth semester. The practical content can be to teach some of the professional courses, or to answer questions, conduct class discussions, training courses, correct homework, guide experiments, counseling or assist in guiding undergraduate course design and Graduation thesis, the classroom teaching is generally 8 hours, and fill out theHubei University Master's Professional Practice Assessment Form.

(2). Academic activities require participation in academic activities of the subject and related subjects for 3 times or more. Each semester writes a study report of more than 1000 words (specified by the tutor and tutor group), and fills in theAcademic Activity Assessment Form of Master's degree of College of Physical Education of Hubei University.

(3). The accumulated practice time of students during the school period is not less than 2-3 months. The form of practical activities is arranged by the tutor according to the academic requirements of the students, and is included in the student practice assessment. After the completion of the practical activities, the instructors and tutors will conduct assessments, and the results of the practice will be assessed according to “excellent”, “good”, “medium”, “pass” and “fail”. Those who fail to pass the test in the practice section cannot participate in the defense of the dissertation.

7、 Thesis

(1).Opening and Writing of the Thesis

(2).Thesis Defense

The dissertation defense was conducted in accordance with theImplementation Rules for the Degree Granting Work of Hubei University.

8、Teaching Methods

The master's degree training mode should follow the characteristics of high-level talent training and the frontier of modern science and technology development, and establish a teaching method based on graduate students. The specific requirements are:

(1). The tutor should teach and educate people, be a teacher, be fully responsible for the academic achievement and scientific research ability of graduate students, and the postgraduate training method is the tutor responsibility system under the guidance of the tutor group. The tutor should be fully responsible for the academic, ideological and moral aspects of the students instructed.

(2). Master's degree training is based on curriculum learning, adopting systematic theoretical study, conducting scientific research, and participating in a combination of practical activities.

(3). the master's degree teaching format should be flexible and diverse, advocate the use of seminars, thematic, heuristic and other teaching methods, the classroom teaching, exchange seminars, case analysis and other organic combination, increase the cultivation of graduate students' innovative ability.

(4). The training process advocates the combination of internal and external schools, invites experts inside and outside the school to provide special lectures, participate in academic activities and research activities outside the school, in order to expand students' horizons and improve scientific research capabilities.

(5). The instructor and graduate students adopt a mutual election system, and the number of instructors is implemented according to the relevant regulations of the graduate school. Graduate students select tutors during the first semester of enrollment. The tutors and graduate students jointly study and formulate individual training plans, which are approved by the Graduate Education Office and submitted to the graduate school for approval.

(6). In order to ensure the quality of postgraduate training, the Academic Degree Committee will supervise and guide the main links of postgraduate training program revision, tutor selection, professional course setting, thesis topic selection, mid-term inspection, thesis defense and evaluation.

(7). Master's textbooks and reference books should reflect the domestic and international advanced level of the profession. The postgraduate non-degree course teacher should, in principle, have the title of associate professor or above, or have a doctoral degree, recommended by the teaching and research section, and arranged by the tutor group and the postgraduate management department.

(8). Unfinished matters shall be implemented with reference to theAdministrative Management Measures for Masters of College of Physical Education of Hubei University.

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