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Full-time master's degree program
Source:        Time:2018-08-29

Professional category: Master of Physical Education

Category code: 5401

Areas of specialization: Physical Education, Sports Training, Social Sports Guidance

Area Code: 540101, 540102, 540104

1、Training Goals

The goal of the postgraduate training of sports master's degree is to cultivate a solid sports basic theory, broad sports professional knowledge, strong ability to solve practical problems, and be able to independently undertake high-level application of sports professional technology or management work. Sports professionals.

2、 Target of Enrollment

Recruit personnel with a bachelor's degree (or undergraduate equivalent) from the National Education Series.

3、Length of Study and Credit Requirements

With full-time study, the length of study is usually 3 years. The total credits are not less than 39 credits.

4、 Curriculum

The courses are divided into public courses, professional core courses and elective courses. Through the course study, students will master the basic theories of physical education, sports training and social sports guidance, and methods and skills to solve practical problems.

Both public and professional core courses are compulsory. Through the course study, students can improve the theoretical level and practical ability of the professional field. The elective course is an optional course for students in all fields. Through the course study, students' individuality is developed to further strengthen and improve students' professional knowledge and skills in a certain aspect.

5、 Practice

The master's degree in physical education is a professional degree with a specific sports professional background. The winners should have strong physical training ability. Therefore, the sports practice link has a special position in the training of sports master's degree graduate students.

6、Teaching Methods

It adopts a combination of theoretical knowledge and application ability cultivation, humanistic spirit and scientific spirit training, professional quality and comprehensive quality training. The course study uses a combination of lectures, case studies, and internships to strengthen student practice. Arrange various types of special lectures to broaden students' academic horizons.

Implement a mentor accountability system. Encourage the joint training of internal and external tutors, mainly based on the school's tutors. The training unit can hire physical education teachers, coaches, sports managers, etc. who have rich practical experience to engage in long-term sports master training, participate in the guiding process of practice, project research, essay writing, etc., focusing on professional skills and comprehensive quality. Improvement.


(1). After completing the required credits, you can enter the stage of writing a dissertation.

(2). The topic selection of the thesis should be closely combined with the needs of the work, focusing on pertinence, practicality, and theory and practice.

(3). The form of the thesis can be a special research report, a sports training program, and a typical case analysis.

(4). At least one of the paper reviewers and the members of the defense committee has an out-of-school expert with relevant practical experience in the field.

8、Graduation and Degree Awarding

Complete the course study and practice, obtain the required credits, and pass the dissertation respondent, and the degree evaluation unit of the degree-granting unit will be awarded a master's degree in physical education and a postgraduate diploma.

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