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Teaching Management of College of Physical Education of Hubei University (Trial)
Source:        Time:2018-08-29

1.Basic Requirements

(1). Teachers must be loyal to the party's educational cause and devoted to the job.

(2). The syllabus, teaching plan, and teaching content are the laws and regulations of the teaching work, and the teachers are not allowed to change at will.

(3). Classroom teaching is the basic form to achieve the objectives of the course. Teachers must study the teaching materials and consider the teaching methods.

(4). Teachers must arrive at the classroom (sports field) in advance, do the preparatory work before class, and attend classes on time.

(5). Teachers are the model of students, and they should be strictly with themselves all the time.

(6). Teachers should carefully organize the assessment of physical education in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school and the college.

(7). Teachers are not allowed to adjust classes at will and invite people to substitute classes.

(8). Teachers who undertake professional compulsory theory courses must arrange assignments and complete corrections tasks for students in teaching activities.

(9). The physical education technology course includes the corresponding extracurricular sports counseling tasks within the teaching hours (based on the teaching hours specified in the teaching plan).

(10). Teachers shall submit all materials related to teaching activities, such as lecture plan, assessment form, test papers, student scores, and paper analysis, according to the time specified by the college.

(11). After the semester's schedule is determined by the Academic Affairs Office, the teacher may not voluntarily adjust the course in addition to the teaching venue.

(12). The college insists on the lectures checking system conducted by the leaders of the colleges and departments and the teaching secretaries. They often go to the classroom to know the actual teaching activities and solve relevant problems in time.

2.Reward and Punishments

(1). The college requires teachers to conduct teaching and research activities and strive to improve the quality of teaching. The college will carry out classroom teaching competitions, teaching plan evaluations and other activities from time to time, and give certain rewards to the winners, encourage teachers to love their jobs and improve their business level.

(2).Teachers are required to register students' grades online according to the prescribed time. Teachers who do not register or lose students' grades according to regulations shall be deducted 4 standard hours of work per class. If the school regards the content as a teaching accident, it will be handled according toDefinition and Treatment Opinions of Teaching Accidents in Hubei University. If there is a phenomenon of underreporting, misreporting, or late reporting in the registered student's grades, the amount of work for 0.2 standard hours will be deducted for each occurrence of one person

(3). For teachers who fail to submit teaching materials, examination forms, test papers, student scores, test paper analysis and other teaching materials for no reason, deduct 0.5 class hours of teaching workload in labor service for one day late; for late delivery or no Teachers who submit teaching materials and cause teaching accidents must be held accountable until appropriate administrative sanctions are imposed.

(4). If the teacher is late, retired as early as 20 minutes or is late, and has accumulated three times in advance, he will be treated according to 1 class. For each class, the amount of 4 hours of work is deducted from the labor service allocation and processed according to the relevant documents of the school.

(5). Those who have not applied for the teaching change procedures to privately adjust the class, ask for substitutes, and do not make up the class, will be dealt with according to the class. Teachers who have private classes, ask for classes, late for early leave, no teaching, no physical education, no calls, no calls, or a teacher who leaves the job during class, deducted from the labor service every time. 1 teaching hours of teaching, and the quality of teaching in this semester can not be rated as excellent. For teachers who have missed classes twice and have major teaching accidents, the quality of teaching during this semester is unqualified. And warned the parties once.

(6). For every one of the teachers who undertake the required course of professional compulsory theory, each time the teacher of the science and technology department lacks one extra-curricular tutoring, the amount of teaching work is deducted from the labor service fee by 2 hours.

(7). In the course of teaching, due to negligence or rigor of organizational work, serious accidents and deaths may occur in accordance with the relevant documents of the school.

(8). The teacher shall not change the teaching content, teaching progress and lower the examination standards and requirements without any reason. When the above situation is found, as the teaching accident, the teaching workload of one class hour shall be deducted from the labor service fee, and the party shall be warned once.

(9). Within one year, due to the fact that the teaching work has been submitted more than 3 times (including 3 times), the comprehensive examination of the teacher is unqualified. Within one year, due to the accumulation of more than 6 (including 6) warnings or 3 unreasonable absenteeism, or the cumulative number of more than 3 serious warnings, the next year the college and department will no longer hire the teacher.

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