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Hubei Leisure Sport Development Research Center
Source:        Time:2018-08-29

Hubei Leisure Sports Development Research Center is a key research base of humanities and social sciences in Hubei Province, which is based on the research characteristics and advantages of Hubei University Physical Education School. It is the only academic research institution in China that studies provincial leisure sports. Based on its own advantages and social development needs, the research center has established four research directions that are interrelated and mutually promoted: leisure sports market cultivation research, leisure sports and national lifestyle research, leisure sports project development research, and national folk leisure sports research.

The center's scientific research strength is relatively strong. In recent years, it has achieved a number of high-quality scientific research results. It has published nearly 20 academic works and textbooks; published nearly 100 papers in sports core journals; presided over six national-level projects such as the National Social Science Fund, more than ten provincial-level projects, and dozens of bureau-level projects. The research results have won various honors many times, and the courses such as "martial arts" and "sports marketing" have been rated as provincial-level quality courses.

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