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Center of Motor Control and Evolution, Hubei University
Source:        Time:2018-08-29

Center of Motor Control and Evolution of Hubei University

is affiliated with the School of Physical Education established in December 2006. The center conducts scientific research and social service work under the guidance of the scientific research management department of Hubei University. The center is an interdisciplinary comprehensive research and innovation platform. Professor Liu Shuping is the director of the research center. The research center employs Professor R. Sanders (UK), the International Society of Sports Biomechanics for 2 sessions, Professor Hong Youlian (Hong Kong) as academic advisors, and well-known experts and scholars from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and other countries and regions as academic members.

The purpose, objectives and research direction of the center:

Center of Motor Control and Evolution in Hubei University is an open and dynamic innovative work platform for human motion and health science research. The purpose of the center is to serve the local social development and economic construction based on the requirements of science and technology work in Hubei Province in the new era. The goal of the center is to condense the human, material and intellectual resources of various disciplines in the framework of the Dynamical Systems Theory of human movement cognition, learning, control and development. Strive for scientific research projects at all levels and organize implementation as a guide to form research features and directions that have both a strong theoretical level of human motion science and a wide range of applications. The main research directions of the research center are: the control and development of human motion, the injury and its protective mechanism, and the development and application of sports equipment.

The main features of the center:

The work of the research center has the following characteristics:

(1) Focus on sustainable development and achieve a virtuous circle

(2) Significant results in serving local economic construction and social development

(3) Construct a discipline innovation platform to promote discipline construction, young and middle-aged teacher training and postgraduate education

(4) Supporting the establishment of the Experimental Teaching and Demonstration Center for Human Body Science in Hubei Province

(5) Active academic exchanges

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